When my one-year move as a postman came in September, it not only seemed insane that 12 months had already passed, but that life in the UK really felt like home. Despite the moving obstacles, homesickness and crazy roundabouts, we did. I did it. again. In the spirit of this amazing year-long milestone and in no particular order, here are my 10 tips for surviving the first year of life elsewhere.

Create a forest list

Creating a forest list is so important, because as I mentioned above, time flies much faster than it seems. One day you unpack boxes, so the next day 12 months have passed. My only regret about forest lists is that I have not started making this habit faster.

Making a forest list not only helps you establish destinations as a family, but also ensures that you get the most out of your vacation. It takes the guesswork out of what to do on weekends or school holidays. But more importantly, it can really pump the family up when it absolutely feels like it is not quite hit yet. If you need help getting started, download the aBroad but UK bucket list here.

Be a local

It may be easier said than done, but it’s so true. The only way to finally stop crying and start living is to embrace the environment and the culture you are in. It is the best way to survive the first year of living in a new place.

A friend once told me that I am a chameleon because of the way I adapt to where I have lived. Like when I hated Oregon for months until I finally hugged almost everything in the rain, from golf to wine tasting.

Or maybe when I refused to move to Texas because it was less attractive to live in a concrete city until I discovered authentic tacos, cowboy boots, and country music.

And if I live in the UK, even though the weather is more temperamental than I would like and it’s hard to get used to UK customer service, it’s a great way to survive choosing a local dish or making afternoon tea for a day of business. first year.

That you know I cried every time I had to move … and then again when it’s time to move on. Getting local is the best way to get through the first year in a new place.

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